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Refund and Returns Policy

🔍 Navigating Issues with Unmatched Support:
Ahoy, adventurers! Encountered a twist in your Unspeakable tale? If your order sails off course, signal us at [email protected]. Our crew stands ready to steer things right within 7 days of your order docking at your harbor.
🌊 Lost Orders – A Voyage Rediscovered:
If your treasure goes missing in the vast ocean of shipping (deemed ‘lost’ by our carrier), fear not! We’ll either send a replacement at our expense or provide you a complete refund to keep your adventure spirit high.
🔄 Return Policy – Charting the Right Course:
Your Unspeakable loot is eligible for return if it encounters these mythical mishaps:
The printed image is more mysterious than clear.
The printed image strays off-center.
An unexpected package arrives, not matching your charted course (order).
Tarnished by the sea journey: torn, soiled…
The size, color, or style doesn’t match your treasure map (order).
Other mystical errors crafted by our hands…
Should these fates befall your order, signal us with images of these rarities and your order number. We’ll confirm the tales and set sail towards a refund or exchange.
📜 Note: To embark on a return voyage, ensure the item hasn’t been tamed by use or washed, and it remains in the condition it was discovered.
💰 Refunds Policy – Reversing the Tides:
Qualify for a refund (see our Return Policy scrolls), and we’ll turn the tides back in your favor within 5 business days. We return the gold to the same chest (credit card) or mystical method you used to begin your quest.
🚤 Shipping Costs – The Journey’s Price:
Remember, shipping costs are the price of the journey and non-refundable. If you obtain a refund, the cost of return postage will be deducted from the amount of your treasure.
Late or Missing Refunds – A Detective’s Quest:
No sign of the refund on the horizon? Recheck your account, then speak to your credit card company and bank – sometimes, they take time to display the returned treasure. Still no sign? Contact our crew at [email protected].
🔄 Exchanges – Ensuring Your Treasure is Perfect:
Our quality control checks are as rigorous as a pirate’s scrutiny. Yet, if you discover any of these rare anomalies when unboxing, let us know with a picture and your order number. We’ll dispatch a replacement faster than a ship catching the wind!
📏 NOTE on Sizes: Consult our size guide as if it’s a treasure map. We craft as per your request and can’t take responsibility if the size doesn’t match your expectations, unless, of course, we mistakenly set sail with the wrong size.


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