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Privacy Policy

🔐 The Vault of Trust – Protecting Your Treasures:
Welcome, intrepid voyagers, to! In our realm of wonders, your secrets are as precious as the rarest of treasures. As guardians of your privacy, we take an oath to protect the information you share with us on this adventure.
📜 Gathering the Map Pieces – What Information We Collect:
As you embark on your quest for Unspeakable merchandise, we may gather pieces of your map (personal information) – your name, carrier pigeon address (email), homestead location (physical address), and the gold coins you use for trade (payment details). Fear not, for this is but to enhance your journey with us.
🔍 Scrying the Seas – How We Use Your Information:
In our quest to provide an unparalleled shopping experience, we use your information to process orders, navigate any customer service squalls, and, with your permission, send messages in bottles (newsletters) to keep you abreast of new treasures and adventures.
🔗 Sharing the Spyglass – Disclosing Information to Third Parties:
Fear not, for we do not trade your secrets with other seafaring merchants. Your information is shared only with trusted allies who help us in our quest (shipping companies, payment processors), and always under the strictest of secrecy pacts.
🛡️ Fortifying Our Island – Securing Your Information:
Like a fortress protecting its treasures, we secure your information against marauding pirates and tempests. Through mystical wards (encryption) and guardian spells (security measures), we ensure your data is shielded from prying eyes.
📧 Sending Pigeons – Communication Preferences:
Should you choose to receive our messages in bottles (newsletters), know that you can signal to stop them at any time. Your desire is our directive, and we will halt the dispatch of these pigeons upon your request.
🌍 Charting Worldwide – International Transfers:
In our quest to bring Unspeakable merchandise across the seas, your information may travel across borders. Rest assured, wherever your data voyages, it remains under the protection of our Guardian’s Oath.
📅 The Sands of Time – Retention of Your Information:
We hold onto your map pieces (information) only as long as necessary to complete our mutual quest. Once our adventure concludes, your data is sent into the ethereal winds (safely deleted), leaving no trace behind.
🔄 Evolving Scrolls – Changes to Our Policy:
As the tides change, so may this policy. Should we alter the terms of our Guardian’s Oath, we’ll signal to you with a beacon of notification, ensuring you’re always informed of how we guard your treasures.
By joining forces with Unspeakable Merch, you entrust us under this Privacy Policy, a bond we hold sacred in our quest to bring Unspeakable joy to your world. Sail safely, knowing your secrets are guarded with honor! 🌟


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